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Body Therapies

At Utopia Spa

Body Therapies - Scrubs, Wraps and Infusions

There are many benefits to a body scrub or polish. A body scrub will exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and rubbing away hard and flaky skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Scrub or polishing products usually include an oily base which moisturises and soothes your skin as it is scrubbed. A scrub can be really invigorating as well, and improve the circulation of blood and lymph to the surface of the skin, helping to fight cellulite and improve your skin tone.

Browse our selection of body scrubs, wraps and infusions and enjoy the ease of booking online or call us direct on 01342 859712.

Temazcal Body Experience - 85 Minutes FROM £160

£160pp Mon - Thurs | £164pp Fri - Sun


Nourishing, Re-energising, Grounding and Detoxifying

This ritual journeys into your relationship with mother earth. Through the use of warm and healing herbs, the ceremony purifies the body and the spirit. The ritual invites us to reflect on the past, purify our bodies and minds and free ourselves from that which we no longer need in our lives.

You will be treated in our bespoke treatment room with a inital sauna with scrub and mud application, followed by body milk pouring, body massage, shower and finished with a lotion application.

Chakra Wellbeing - 115 Minute - Ayurvedic Inspired FROM £175

£175pp Mon - Thurs | £179pp Fri - Sun

Restoring mind, body and soul, for the ultimate Ila experience. 

As exquisite as it is holistic, this bespoke treatment – tailored to the needs of each individual – works on the muscles, lymph and nervous system as a whole. Based around seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils, each unique ritual involves deep relaxation of the nervous system, sensuous lymphatic drainage, subtle healing of the chakras and the pouring of warm oil
over the third eye to restore and relax every sense.

Bio Energy Body Wrap - 85 Minute - Ayurvedic Inspired FROM £130

£130pp Mon - Thurs | £135pp Fri - Sun

Detoxifying, Cleansing, Energising, For sluggish and tired body & mind. 

In this deeply rejuvenating treatment, an energising and detoxifying scrub is intensified by the addition of a mud wrap, drawing deeper toxins from the cells. Revitalising the skin and lymphatic system, the wrap physically detoxifies and cleanses the body – removing waste products, reenergising and softening skin. On a subtle level, it can also promote profound healing in the energy body.

The Works - 85 Minute - Mediterranean Infused FROM £155

£155pp Mon - Thurs | £160pp Fri - Sun

Your journey begins using our gentle but effective sugar buff to help circulation, encouraging you to drift away into a deeply relaxed state to enjoy your massage leaving only comfort and well-being behind. Complete this voyage with a booster express facial to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise leaving you fresh faced and radiant.

Total Harmony (Signature Treatment) - 55 Minute - Mediterranean Infused FROM £97

£97pp Mon - Thurs | £99pp Fri - Sun

A luxurious and soothing top to toe treatment that is quite simply "heaven". All over body brushing is followed by the warming touch of basalt lava stones. Whilst your body is cocooned in an infusion of aromatherapy, your face will be completely treated to a stress relieving warm stone massage. Comforting the nerves and relaxing the senses to achieve what can only be described as 'Total Harmony!'  

Go Figure - 55 Minute - Mediterranean Infused FROM £97

£97pp Mon - Thurs | £99pp Fri - Sun

A firming, toning, tightening body detox treatment. This is the one if you need a bit of help with the wobbly bits! Your treatment commences with brushing and sloughing movements to stimulate lymphatic flow. Hips, thighs and abs are treated to a detoxifying massage using targeted techniques followed by an intensive marine and earth mud wrap to continue the good work. Finally a friction rub with Temple Spa Go Figure anti-cellulite gel completes the treatment. You will feel invigorated and clothes should feel that bit looser. One treatment is fab, a course of six is amazing!

Glorious Mud Complete Detox - 55 Minute - Mediterranean Infused FROM £97

£97pp Mon - Thurs | £99pp Fri - Sun

Top to toe body brushing encourages lymphatic flow before being smoothed with warm vitamin & mineral rich mud and cocooned in a cosy wrap. The total body detoxification and relaxation process is then taken to another level with a glorious face and scalp massage. This is a powerful treatment that utilises heat & botanicals, helping to eliminate harmful toxins and sore muscles. You wouldn’t believe that wallowing in mud could feel so good.

The Outer Glow - 40 Minute - Mediterranean Infused FROM £71

£71pp Mon - Thurs | £75pp Fri - Sun

Starting with a body brushing technique, followed by our unique sugar buff body scrub, we polish your body to a glow. This invigorating all over treatment leaves the skin beautifully soft, revitalised and hydrated. The perfect way to begin another body treatment and an absolute must before you commence your vacation. Go and glow!

Flawless Feet Treat - 40 Minute - Ayurvedic Inspired FROM £73

£73pp Mon - Thurs | £76pp Fri - Sun

A relaxing and energising treat for flawless feet, comprising an Energising & Detoxifying scrub to smooth, marma massage and foot mask to stimulate, and vital energy cream to soften. Relax and restore the nervous system. Perfect for jetlag.

Energising & Detoxifying Body Renewal - 40 Minute - Ayurvedic Inspired FROM £73

£73pp Mon - Thurs | £76pp Fri - Sun

Toning, Illuminates skin, Cleansing, For exhaustion & combatting cellulite.

Using the ionising properties of Himalayan Salt Crystals, this body renewal is subtly massaged into the skin resulting in rapid exfoliation and the elimination of toxins and tension. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the bio-energy fields leaving mind, body and spirits uplifted. 

Blissful Body Renewal - 40 Minutes - Ayurvedic Inspired FROM £73

£73pp Mon - Thurs | £76pp Fri - Sun

Nourishing, Illuminates skin, Restorative, For depletion and fatigue.

Drawing on the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, this heavenly body scrub nourishes both physical and emotional wellbeing – ideal for when special pampering is required. Pure essential oils of damascena rose otto, jasmine and sandalwood work directly with the sensoryorgans to settle the nervous system and revive stressed or neglected cells. Skin is left glowing with health and a sense of joy is restored.