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Food For Thought - January 2013

Food For Thought - January 2013

Starting my new job at Alexander Hotels of course meant I had to try the food, so where better to dine than AG’s Restaurant at Alexander House.

After ordering we were offered a selection of homemade breads with a choice of olive, onion or plain. I opted for the onion bread, which was so delicious that I could not refuse a second slice.

As a starter I chose the London Cured Smoked Salmon. When it was brought to the table the smell instantly triggered my taste buds; there was no doubt in the freshness and quality of the salmon, which is locally sourced.

While the waiter began to hand carve the salmon, a special touch made the experience a little more luxurious that it was already, my colleague complained of ‘food jealously.’

For my main course I decided on the Pot Roasted Pheasant, Glazed Chestnut, and Sauternes Roasting Jus. I had never had Pheasant before so wasn’t sure what to expect. When it was placed in front of me I thought “If it tastes as good as it looks, it’ll be amazing.” And it did. The portions were a lot bigger than I had anticipated, with generous amounts of meat filling my plate – not that I’m complaining! The meat was succulent and tender, a welcomed treat. The jus accompanying the Pheasant was the perfect choice, and just the right amount.

By the end of the main course I was so full I couldn’t even begin to comprehend the thought of dessert – I’ll leave that one for next time!

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