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New Year Fitness

New Year Fitness

New Year Fitness

Now that the New Year is well and truly here, our Senior Fitness Instructor, Andy, is sharing his tips to help you keep those New Year resolutions and get fit for 2014.

Join a gym. Use the personal trainers, studio classes and swimming facilities to find a workout you enjoy, so that you are comfortable and happy to train.

Give weights a go. A big misconception is that females and weights don’t mix, yes they do.

Weight training is great for toning and will burn a lot more calories and fat in a 30-45 minute session than cardio alone. Weights can be intimidating, so my advice is to have a session with a personal trainer in that area, get used to some good exercises and watch the fat drop off and the muscles tone up!

Men, try a class. You may go to the gym and lift the same weights in the same way for a long time, so when new exercises are introduced it becomes very difficult to adapt, classes offer a wide range of benefits and are a great way to mix up your workout.

Don’t cut out carbs! Carbs are energy and are necessary for your brain to function. Just focus on the good, like Dark chocolate… 

Fat fat fat….. There are good fats you should ALWAYS eat, good fats will help break down existing fat stores and use it as energy to burn off, resulting in weight loss. Nuts, avocados, olive oil and eggs are all sources of good fat. 

And finally, protein. The building blocks of the human body, combined with exercise, will help break down fat, store good energy and build new muscle.


To find out more about gym membership at Alexander House, or PT sessions with Andy, contact 01342 714914 Ext 2117 or email ahancock@alexanderhotels.com


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