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Top Skincare Tips from Karen

Top Skincare Tips from Karen

It’s time to review your skincare routine to achieve a glowing Winter skin, so here’s a few tips from Karen Crowhurst, The Spa Manager at Rowhill Grange

Exfoliation is the key to invigorating a dull, dry winter skin. Exfoliation is the first radiance-boosting and anti-ageing step as it will help to remove dead skin cells, increase hydration and encourage further nourishment from the products that follow. Temple Spa exfoliators work with two different actions to buff the skin back to perfection.

Mechanical action – The gentle rubbing of the exfoliating texture onto the skin will eliminate dead skin cells, impurities and polish the skins surface.
Biological action – Certain ingredients will break down the intercellular junctions which link the dead skin cells together and therefore help with the gentle buffing process.

Top Product Tip: Temple Spa Breakfast Smoothie

So the next step after the exfoliation is hydration and nutrition. After a summer in the sun, when skin loses water, it is necessary to balance the hydration levels, repair damaged skin cells, even out the skin tone and restore the skin’s natural protection levels.

Using a serum as part of your daily routine will supercharge the skin and deliver immediate results.

Top Product Tip: Temple Spa Be Strong Serum

A weekly intensive mask will boost the skin’s hydration levels and bathe the skin in moisture to restore and renew its natural radiance.

Top Product Tip: Temple Spa Quench

Moisturise daily to replenish hydration levels, protect the skin from the environment and give you skin a healthy, radiant glow.

Top Product Tip: Temple Spa Be Still Settling Moisturiser


The beauty of the skin comes from a healthy nutrition, rich in vitamins (we also must not forget about quality sleep). Our diet must include fruits, good fats (fish oil, olive oil) and regular exercise to stimulate the skins circulation to boost.

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