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Body Wrap for Bio-Energising

What's included?

In this deeply rejuvenating treatment, an energising and detoxifying scrub is intensiļ¬ed by the addition of a mud wrap, drawing deeper toxins from the cells. Revitalising the skin and lymphatic system, the wrap physically detoxifies and cleanses the body – removing waste products, re-energising and softening skin. On a subtle level, it can also promote profound healing in the energy body.

Why not enhance your experience?

GBP 45.00

Why not take the morning or afternoon off? Instead of popping in for a treatment why not also enjoy a couple of hours use of the spa facilities and a two course lunch or afternoon deserve it....!

GBP 10.00

Why not treat yourself with a glass of chilled Champagne before, during or after your treatment?

GBP 4.00

Total Price: £130.00