Meet the Team - Thomas

Meet the Team - Thomas

The Team at Alexander Hotels are what makes us so special, here we find out a littte more about our Head Concierge.  Meet Tom...

What is your role at Alexander Hotels?

Head Concierge

What do you love most about Alexander Hotels?

The entire ethos of Alexander Hotels from the relaxed atmosphere to the mix of traditional features blended with modern twists..

What makes you smile in your job role? 

When I wave a guest off down the drive knowing that myself and my team have created a lasting memory.

What is your most embarrassing work moment?

Showing a guest to their room and being thanked with the name Matthew leaving me rather confused! After correcting the guest with my real name Thomas the guest pointed to my name badge at which point I realised that I was wearing Matthew our receptionists Jacket.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows…

Having lived in Cornwall for 7 years and now being more than 40 miles from the nearest sea I still dream of being a professional surfer one day.

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