Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Ever wondered what makes the team at Alexander Hotels so special? Take a peek at the first of our getting to know the team features, Meet Mikel…

What is your role at Alexander Hotels?

Group Revenue Manager

What do you love most about Alexander Hotels?

I love the friendliness and approachability of everyone in the company, from the owners down to every other employee. With my previous companies I always felt like a payroll number whilst at AHS I feel valued as an individual.

What makes you smile in your job role? 

We all spend more time with each other at work that we do with our respective partners and time after time, we not only work really hard we also have a lot of fun in the office and that shows to our customer. I really enjoy the lovely working atmosphere we have created.

What is your most embarrassing work moment?

Probably at the top of my list would be spending 25 minutes on the phone with a returning customer after which time, and following questions and answers regarding her family, realised I was not talking with who I thought I was. She politely answered all the questions and corrected me half an hour into the call.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows…

Hardly anyone at work knows I used to sing choral and lyric music since I was 10.

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