Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

We’re proud to be a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the world, but what does it take to be a SLH hotel? 

With a diverse collection of the world’s finest small independent hotels in more than 80 countries, from the UK and Europe to the Caribbean, Asia and USA, SLH celebrates individual hotels, and the exceptional experiences they have to offer; Including Langshott Manor and Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa.

Each property chosen to be a part of this exclusive collection has something exquisite to offer, whether that be an incredible pool, spa or bar or simply a stunning location mirrored with perfect design. All this combined with the fundamental importance of great service and a passionate team is what makes the experience of visiting an SLH property unique. 

Find out more about Langshott Manor, Surrey or Alexander House, Sussex. 

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