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Darrel Wilde’s favourite marinade

With the promise of some sunshine on the horizon and all of us twitching to spice up supper time, we spoke to Alexander House’s Executive Head Chef, Darrel Wilde about his favourite marinades. He might say we prised it out of him – …

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Gardening with Russell Dixon

Our Head Gardener at Great Fosters Russell Dixon gives us some simple gardening advice we can all use at home: MOW  Give your lawn its first cut of the season – cut high on the first cut, then cut again a few days later. Getting the …

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Juicing with Julian

Part of our ‘My Body is a Temple’ series, Juicing with Julian introduces two simple, delicious immune-boosting smoothies so help bolster our body’s defenses.

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Peace of Mind: Our Reading List

Dear Reader – it’s March 2020. In the future, we will look back on this time when the Coronavirus pandemic gripped us all and a state of panic took hold. At the AHC, we wanted to offer both a break from the difficulty of the time and …

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Your Dream Wedding Venue…Top Tips

The proposal has happily been accepted, the date is decided and now its time to find your dream wedding venue; the place where you officially celebrate your steps into married life. The thought of picking the perfect venue can become a little …

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