Four Legged Friends

Luxury dog friendly hotel stays in the Surrey Hills near Guildford

Pawsome stays on the Hill

Fancy a romp in the countryside? Feel the green grass of the Surrey Hills beneath your paws and the wind in your fur at super chic doggy-hotel Barnett Hill. You'll be treated to a super comfy bed and stylish bowls to dine from along with delicious treats from our friends at the Tunbridge Wells Dog Biscuit Company. There's heaps to explore in our woodlands, with all sorts of nice scents to chase and wildlife to chat to.

When the sun is out, you can bring your humans along for a spot of lunch on the terraces, and if it's drizzly (which will make the humans grizzly to be outside), we've reserved the Acer Suite for dining. We know how crotchety humans can get if they need to eat without you.

Barnett Hill gets a paws-up from Daisy, our chief doggy inspector and resident pooch at the Alexander Hotel Collection, so you can be sure of a fabulous stay - and well behaved humans are welcome for an additional charge.

For all pooches of all shapes and sizes, there is a £30 fee per stay. What are you waiting for? Time for a W-A-L-K!

Doggy dreams await...🐾

Sure to delight dogs with an eye for design, our luxurious dog-friendly rooms at Barnett Hill are kitted out with stylish furnishings and wood/tile flooring.

On arrival, you'll find a comfy bed and two lovely bowls to use during the duration of your stay, along with Daisy's favourite treats from the Tunbridge Wells Dog Biscuit Co.

Your humans will revel in the luxuries that await them too - after all, happy human, happy pooch right?

Very Important Pet Access...🐾

Set in the Courtyard and our Gardener's Cottage, our dog-friendly rooms are mere moments from the great outdoors. Perfect for quick pit-stops or to have a funny five minutes.

We'll show you our favourite woodland walks in the forest around us, and there's plenty to explore in the gardens too. It's a quick trot to the terrace where your humans will delight in the food and drink on offer for them, and you can hunker down for din-dins there too.

On the first floor in the Mansion House, there's a special room put aside for you to have supper too, if your humans can't cope with the weather that is. Just be sure to be a good house guest and wipe your paws first - Daisy is terribly particular.

Meanwhile in the Mansion...🐾

Daisy is a most gracious host, and she's set aside the 1905 bar and the casual cafe space, 'The Hub' so you can lounge around inside too. She's kept the Library and the Oak Room for the humans only, but aside from that, you can hang out and make new friends in the bar and the Hub.

Perfect for sociable pups with humans who get a touch of separation anxiety. You can trust in the Daisy seal of approval for a perfectly pooch friendly experience.